Auf Flügeln der Musik

On the Wings of Music – Concert Programmes for People with Dementia (2012-2013)

Music seems to be a door opener for people with dementia because it touches our senses and emotions. Whereas music is quite commonly used in dementia care settings, there are no tailored programmes for the target group in public concert halls. However, visiting a concert can provide the person with dementia, his/her carers and family with the opportunity to share joyful moments, to participate (again) in social and cultural life, to be part of the community and to overcome isolation and the stigma that goes often along with the disease.

Therefore the pilot project has shaped, explored and evaluated together with orchestras and concert halls, music educators and dementia experts different types of concert programmes addressing the needs, but also the remaining abilities of people with dementia. The award-winning project showed how culture can contribute to a better quality of life for people with dementia.

In training seminars the experiences and findings of the project are shared with interested music and concert educators, musicians and orchestra managers.