Cultural Geragogy – A Training Programme for Cultural Activities with Older Adults (since 2011)

Artistic and creative activities and cultural participation provide manifold opportunities for meaningful and lifelong learning. Therefore, the new discipline “Cultural Geragogy” (Kulturgeragogik) was launched that deals with teaching and learning in later life - in all branches of art. The aim is to professionalise the cultural work for and with older adults.

In an one-year certified training course professionals from arts and culture, social work and care sector acquire necessary skills for their professional life. They learn how high-quality cultural work with older people can be put into practice. In addition to the knowledge from other disciplines like Gerontology and Cultural Management, the participants get to know the methodological foundations in the fields of music, theatre, fine arts, literature, dance and media. The vocational training course is offered by the ibk in cooperation with the Munster University of Applied Sciences.

In 2014 the Association of Arts and Cultural Geragogy (Fachverband Kunst- und Kulturgeragogik e.V.) was established with the aims to lobby for the professional interests, to build a network and to improve the training and research situation.

At the Munster University of Applied Sciences, the field of Cultural Geragogy will be further professionalised through a part-time master´s degree programme on Cultural Geragogy that will start in autumn 2017. Students will learn how to plan, organise, evaluate and study projects on the basis of the current scientific knowledge.

Certified training course Kulturgeragogik: www.kulturgeragogik.de

Association of Arts and Cultural Geragogy (Fachverband Kunst- und Kulturgeragogik e.V.): www.fachverband-kkg.de