Intergenerational Bonding via Creative New Media (2011-2013)

The mix@ges project explored, in five European countries, how the artistic use of digital media can bring together both young and old. The European project invited young and older people to jointly discover the broad range of creative and artistic possibilities our contemporary digital world has to offer. In Scotland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Belgium the project partners implemented creative new media workshops in collaboration with national organisations such as museums, schools, youth or seniors’ associations.

The workshops were guided by professional artists, media trainers and art educators and involved the creation of artistic media products including iPod movies; audio guides for a museum; art blogs; Tagtool performances; digital music and photography. All the workshops were evaluated by both participants and facilitators.

The mix@ges project delivered a plethora of experiences and explored innovative approaches to intergenerational activities in cultural and community settings. The project’s findings are published in a manual.

The project was funded by the European Union within the Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig, 2011-2013.